Return on Participation (ROP): Leveraging Participation to deliver on elevated experiences

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By Denise Holt and Emily Merkle

Return on participation (ROP) focuses on measuring the potential revenue earned through investments in technology and infrastructure enhancements that enable digital transformation and elevate end-to-end stakeholder experiences. This focus powers a highly resilient level of identity and advocacy from consumers and employees with a brand—at ICF Next, we call this participation. With the impact of the pandemic continuing to heighten the emphasis on building deep, two-way relationships, how can organizations deliver value across the convergence of customer and employee experience and achieve sustainable business outcomes?

Too often, experiences are seen as ephemeral or hard to measure and monetize. As a result, companies fail to see that fragmented, incomplete, and disrupted end-user interactions cost more to repair than create. Where experience is emphasized across channels, there is value to be gained.

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  • The impact that a participation-based approach across the customer and employee experience spectrum can have on your business.
  • How organizations can approach ROP to deliver value across customer and employee experiences.
  • The value of a ROP model and analysis through which returns can be projected and realized.
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Meet the authors
  1. Denise Holt, Partner & Line of Business Lead, Customer Strategy, Research & Insights
  2. Emily Merkle, Partner & Line of Business Lead, Analytics and Data Science