4 ways COVID-19 transformed retail forever

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The world is still grappling with the risk of sharing physical spaces almost two years into the pandemic, driving a massive shift in consumer expectations of retail shopping and an explosion of innovation. Not only are retailers offering new ways to shop, but they are also introducing new ways to engage with brands and other community members.

It’s crucial for retailers to relearn their customers’ preferences and ensure communications are designed for each touchpoint in their shopping journey. Retail brands have pivoted from driving unique, in-person shopping experiences to those that emphasize health and safety, while also providing virtual value-added services. Yet the need to remain tangible is just as important as adapting to more virtual operations.

Where will the next few years of retail take us?

In this paper, we explore:

  • How to rediscover what convenience means to your customers
  • The role authenticity and shared values play in strengthening brand advocacy
  • How cross-industry collaborations can extend brand value
  • The power of leaning into communities



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Meet the authors
  1. Katie Berndt, Strategy Director, Customer Loyalty
  2. Lauren Sutherland, Strategist, Customer Loyalty