Frequent Traveler Recovery Report: August-September 2021

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In this second refresh of ICF and ICF Next’s COVID-19 Monitor Survey in 2021, we continued our research on how U.S. frequent travelers feel about the ongoing pandemic and public health responses and measures.

We sought to uncover how their feelings, behaviors, and perspectives on future travel have shifted—particularly pertinent as the more transmissible Delta variant ripped through the United States in the summer months. We collected over 500 completes from a national, mobile, nonprobability census-balanced panel of 2.5 million people in the United States.

The results show a frequent traveler population that continues to be eager and planning for major returns to pre-pandemic travel behaviors as early as this fall and into 2022.

Our survey revealed that frequent travelers:

  • Continue to have a high degree of confidence in travel brands’ capabilities to respond to the pandemic
  • Have seen increases in household income
  • Are showing a reverse in positive attitudes towards the course of the pandemic
  • Continue to show varying comfort levels with travel from destination to destination
  • Are planning a resumption of pre-pandemic travel as early as 2021 and are planning big returns to travel in 2022 and beyond
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