ICF Next - Festival of Marketing content sessions

ICF Next - Festival of Marketing content sessions
Feb 22, 2021

ICF Next was a part of the Festival of Marketing 2020 with two content sessions in the Strategy Stage. Watch the sessions here.

Session 1 - Are you still treating audiences separately in the age of disruption?

Disruption to business operations is an inevitability. How well a brand adapts to that disruption is determined by its resilience to change. ICF experts offer insight into how you can better align customers, colleagues, and citizens (the 3Cs) to build the resilience you need to navigate disruptions smoothly.

Session 2 - The participation journey

On the road to recovery, growth can only come by inspiring deeper connections with customers, colleagues, and citizens.

Grant Toups, chief client officer for ICF Next, and James Wilkins, managing partner, discuss how leveraging insights, technology, efficiency, and creativity together can help marketers do more with less – moving audiences beyond awareness and engagement towards active participation.

Watch the sessions in the channel below

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