What is ‘essential’ drives changes in grocery trends

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“Essential” is now at the heart of the grocery experience.

While we no longer wait impatiently in blocks-long lines to buy scarce necessities like toilet paper, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizers, what shoppers find essential and valuable continues to evolve alongside the uncertain COVID-19 landscape. In response to the ambiguity of the current market ecosystem, grocery retailers are leaning into creative omnichannel options, allowing shoppers to feel more comfortable with alternative shopping methods and digital e-commerce technologies.

But which of these pandemic-related habits and expectations are here to stay, and what can we expect from the future of grocery?

In this paper, we share the latest grocery trends and offer recommendations to help retailers deliver essential experiences to consumers. Topics include:

  • Repositioning value and affordability
  • Realizing omnichannel potential
  • Putting people and planet over profits
  • Harnessing the power of tech and data

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Meet the authors
  1. Katie Berndt, Strategy Director, Customer Loyalty
  2. Lauren Sutherland, Strategist, Customer Loyalty