Email playbook: Best practices to elevate brand engagement

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Email is having a renaissance moment.

Once thought to be on its way out the door, email not only continues to evolve, but plays an even greater role in reaching new audiences, growing brands, and increasing sales. In short, email still reigns supreme.

With privacy changes and the limitation of third-party cookies, first- and zero- party data remain increasingly important for brands. With a high level of return on investment (ROI)— generating $42 for every $1 spent—email is exceptionally agile.

For these reasons, understanding the core principles of email marketing is table stakes. This guide outlines best practices and successful approaches for leveraging this channel to engage target audiences. The right email strategy can both bolster exposure and deepen relationships, increasing participation with your brand and engendering loyalty.

Explore our guide to find:

  • Best practices for improving email marketing
  • Ways to increase open rates and deliverability
  • How to create engaging emails that drive clicks
  • Opportunities to improve conversion rates
  • Tips for incorporating multimedia and accessible elements


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