Navigating the new realities of post-election discourse and overcoming workplace tension

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By Tara Leweling, Linda Rutherford, and Jeff Cartwright

Since election day, more than 100 million Americans physically or virtually have been reporting to their jobs, one of the few remaining spaces where citizens routinely engage with others who come from diverse backgrounds and hold different viewpoints. These workplaces are often a primary outlet for pent-up emotions at a time of deep polarization.

In light of the difficult election season we’ve been through, how can companies assure an inclusive and productive work environment well-positioned to tackle the challenges ahead?

In this recording, leaders from Allstate, Southwest Airlines, and Morning Consult discuss lessons learned from The Dialogue Project, a recently completed global research effort to explore the role business can play to improve civil discourse and reduce polarization. If maintaining and enhancing your organization’s culture is a major priority during these tumultuous times, you will want to watch this conversation.

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Meet the authors
  1. Tara Leweling, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, Allstate
  2. Linda Rutherford, Senior VP & Chief Communications Officer, Southwest Airlines
  3. Jeff Cartwright, Chief Growth Officer, Morning Consult
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