DAM plays a greater role in your digital transformation than you think

DAM plays a greater role in your digital transformation than you think
Apr 14, 2020
It does so much more than store your documents and images, as two of our digital transformation experts explain.

Digital Asset Management, or DAM, is widely known as a tool that stores the documents and images that are on your website. But DAM is more than a storage tool—beyond managing all of the digital assets for your website, it is an essential part of your larger digital ecosystem from asset and content creation to publishing on all channels.

Today, a DAM is a complex solution that plays a role in many departments: sales and marketing, content creation teams, external agencies and vendors, customer service and support, and even human resources. When you start to add up all the places that a DAM plays a role in your organization, it’s easy to see how it needs to be a strategic component of any digital transformation.

In this video podcast, hear from two ICF Next experts who work with clients on their digital transformation journeys on how digital asset management supports those transformations. Moderated by Fred Faulkner, Partner at ICF Next, the conversation focuses on:

  • Challenges organizations face today when they approach digital asset management without a proper strategy.
  • How a DAM plays a larger role in a digital transformation.
  • What organizations can do to accelerate the use of their DAM.
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