COVID-19 recovery is inevitable, but are we ready?

COVID-19 recovery is inevitable, but are we ready?
May 6, 2020

We don’t know the exact timetable, but if we believe recovery is closer rather than further away, these key considerations might help us prepare for the hard decisions ahead.

As COVID-19 and its impacts on businesses continues to take center-stage, executives and key decision-makers across the country are learning to be more decisive and agile than ever before. And while there is no playbook on how to handle this pandemic, we are already beginning to see best practices and great case studies emerge. To us, the common denominator across these positive examples is a healthy balance of taking care of the immediate needs while reserving enough energy and time to anticipate what comes next.

As we’ve also seen over the last two weeks, businesses are already beginning to capture and activate against plans to reopen their doors when federal, state, and local governments give them the green light to do so. We already know that the workplace may experience radical change—suggestions of daily temperature checks, workstations six feet apart, and staggered work schedules have all been broadly discussed. Through the same lens, experts have also speculated that the marketplace will be driven by completely different consumer behaviors indefinitely—an increase in online shopping to avoid brick-and-mortar locations, opting for different modes of transportation to avoid close contact with other travelers, and more.

To that end, below we have created another document we hope decision-makers can use as a cheat sheet when planning for all the potential actions they need to anticipate, and ultimately take, related to COVID-19 recovery. When that phase begins and what it looks like will vary greatly by company, industry, and geography, but we hope this is a valuable tool for the dialogue.

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