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The role of socioeconomics in energy sector transitions

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By Gary Light

For energy transitions to be successful in India, the socioeconomic impacts of these transitions will have to be understood, managed, and communicated well.

In this webinar, ICF’s Senior Vice President Gary Light presents a framework developed by ICF to bring the socioeconomic aspects systematically into planning and decision making. He will highlight the success of Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning (IRRP) piloted by ICF under USAID programs with an example of how it has led Ghana to develop a robust power sector masterplan.

Join us in this webinar to understand how:

  • Socioeconomic factors can enable, drive, or hinder the energy transition.
  • Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning (IRRP) provides a systematic framework for considering key socioeconomic dimensions.
  • Stakeholder engagement incorporates socioeconomic factors.
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By Gary Light

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