Meet ICF Next

Meet ICF Next
Jan 23, 2019
A global partner for engagement and transformation

We’re thrilled to launch ICF Next, our new global marketing services agency. We challenge ourselves and our clients to confront market and industry realities and tackle new challenges. Our 1,700+ deep bench of creatives, communicators, strategists, technologists, and data analysts are committed to helping organizations to meet barriers head-on. To find real value – sooner. And to create lasting change that leaves them better prepared to face the future.

ICF Next marks the convergence of ICF’s award-winning marketing, communications and associated technology businesses and consultancies. These teams have now officially come together to provide unmatched behavioral insight, human creativity, and technology-forward scale.

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Why ICF Next? Consumerization and technological disruption have put heavy pressure on organizations big and small, young and old, public and private. Everyone is fighting for relevance. But they need the right engagement and transformation partner to help them boldly go forward.

John Armstrong Headshot

“There is a willingness to professionally provoke our clients. It's a missing ingredient for a lot of the agencies, holding companies and consultancies who are all too happy to protect and defend the status quo.

Creating constructive conflict is our reputation today and it's a reputation we intend to maintain.”  

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