Mark Lee named 2021 top public sector leader to watch 

Mark Lee named 2021 top public sector leader to watch 
Nov 16, 2021

For the 2nd straight year, WashingtonExec recognizes Mark Lee’s leadership in helping public sector clients modernize and transform to meet their critical missions

Bringing cutting-edge technology capabilities to new and longstanding clients to move them off legacy platforms, and helping train and develop the federal workforce to understand and embrace digital transformation. Combining our expertise in public health and digital transformation to modernize critical public health surveillance systems. Supporting the federal response to COVID-19.

These are just a few of the areas where Mark Lee, executive vice president and public sector lead, and his 3500+ strong team are making an impact.

“I’m extremely proud of the incredible work my team is doing to help our public sector clients meet their critical missions, especially in the areas of public health and digital transformation.” — Mark Lee, executive vice president and public sector lead

Which is why for the second straight year, Mark’s been named a WashingtonExec Top Public Sector Leader to Watch.

“Mark has been a key catalyst behind our efforts to bolster the effectiveness and impact of public services at a time when agencies need it most,” says John Wasson, ICF president and CEO.

And what they need, Mark’s team brings, and then some. “Our public health infrastructure has been neglected for quite some time, and we’re seeing the consequences of that now,” says Mark. “We can’t share information quickly or securely enough, between agencies or with citizens. And agencies have a hard time making decisions without immediate access to the most up-to-date information. Modernizing our public health surveillance systems and leveraging emerging technologies are key to addressing this gap.”

Looking ahead, Mark and his team will rely on our mission-driven approach and core values to continue to guide our public sector clients on their digital transformation journeys. Develop workforces to understand and embrace transformation initiatives. And develop health-oriented digital solutions designed to improve care, measure progress, and provide real-time information to monitor outbreaks of current and future diseases and address other health priorities.

“An entrepreneur at heart, Mark has made significant contributions to our culture with a growth-oriented and ‘people first’ leadership style that exemplifies ICF’s unique values.” — John Wasson, president and CEO

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