Bringing innovation and perspective to IT modernization

Bringing innovation and perspective to IT modernization
Feb 15, 2021
How we’re using cutting-edge technology to ease the federal government’s modernization journey
As government agencies look to modernize their IT systems, many are encountering a roadblock. How do you get technologists and subject matter experts to communicate effectively?

Mark Lee, who leads our team responsible for supporting public sector agencies with their IT mod journeys, shares how we add value to this scenario in an interview with Washington Exec.

"We have technology capabilities and we also have domain expertise. We’re a bit unique in that we bring both to the table.” – Mark Lee

We use our “solid IT chops and a deep understanding of the mission” to effectively address both sides, bringing them together to drive meaningful change. This is especially true with our work with public health agencies, where the pandemic has brought the need for enhanced technological support to the forefront.

“We’ve learned how important it is to be able to share data quickly and seamlessly,” Mark explains. “Data is power, and the more that we can get it in the hands of the people who are making decisions and driving the public health outcomes, the better off we’ll all be.”

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