Driving health outcomes through analytics and technology

Driving health outcomes through analytics and technology
Nov 2, 2021

ICF acquires ESAC

ICF acquires ESAC, a leading provider of complex health analytics, research data management, and bioinformatics solutions to U.S. federal agencies.

ESAC’s 40-person team of bioinformaticians, software engineers, computer scientists, and more, are rapidly filling the gap between health science and technology.

ESAC’s advanced technological solutions and scientific expertise in life sciences, engineering, research, and medicine provide clinicians, scientists, and researchers with the information they need to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and health research.

What ESAC does

Enables interoperability across health IT systems

Increases the availability and functionality of health data

Implements new quality measurement standards for healthcare

Asian American bioinformatician working in lab - thumbnail

Pairing ICF's longstanding health and social services with ESAC's complex health technology solutions and their applied understanding of genomics, proteomics and physical sciences will greatly complement and advance the digital health solutions we offer.

Our federal health offerings

Public health and social services

Health IT and scientific support

Life sciences and biomedical research

“Together, we will offer one of the most interdisciplinary teams helping agencies better track, predict, and improve health trends and outcomes."

John Wasson headshot
John Wasson
Chair and CEO

“We couldn’t be more excited to join ICF. As one formidable team, we will offer one of the most comprehensive federal health portfolios in the industry.”

Anand Basu
President, ESAC

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