How to ace your ICF interview

How to ace your ICF interview
Jun 23, 2021

Our recruiting team offers helpful tips for candidates who want to join our team 

A career with ICF is more than a job. It's an opportunity to change lives. Strengthen communities. And broaden your perspective. From the moment you step through the door for an interview.

Named an America’s Best Management Consulting Firm since 2016, and America’s Best Employer for Diversity by Forbes, plus a Best Place to Work for Parents and Remote Work by Parents@Work, you'll find your place among "the best."

But first you'll need to ace your ICF interview. And our recruiting team has a few tips to show you how.

  1.  Know what we do. We're a multifaceted organization that works across multiple industries and services—from public health to energy and environment to disaster management to digital transformation and cybersecurity. Check out our website to see who we are and what we do. Read our client stories, industry Insights, and culture blog Inside ICF. Dive into our rich company history. And understand our values and the mission-oriented spirit that drives us. These will all help prepare you for a deeper dialogue about our work, and give you a solid understanding of our perspectives and priorities. “We appreciate when candidates come to the table prepared,” says T Clark.
  2. Use LinkedIn to your advantage. We’re a team of experts and specialists, all working together to make the world more prosperous and resilient for all. Michael Fox suggests reviewing the interviewing team members' LinkedIn profiles to learn more about who they are, their areas of expertise, and their experience. If the team works on a client site, spend some time finding out more about that client too.
  3. Connect with an ICF employee. Tap into your network and reach out to current ICF employees or alumni. And follow us on social media to gain insights about our employee experience. “Connecting with ICF employees is a great way to get a feel for our culture and the environment in which you’ll be working,” says T Clark.
  4. Be flexible. “Many of our interviews occur over the phone, but be prepared to take a video call with the hiring team,” advises Adriana Brockman. If that’s the case, dress professionally, find a quiet area, clear the clutter from around you, and make sure you have good lighting.
  5. Demonstrate how your experience prepares you for the role. Focus on your professional skills, background, and experience. Polish your talking points ahead of time and “reflect on what attracted you to ICF and the role you are interviewing for,” says Jennie Salehi, adding, “aim to articulate how your professional and personal skillsets translate into the role.” This will help everyone understand the assets you'll bring to the project and the team.
  6. Bring your authentic self. Individual experiences, identities, and personal values shape the work you do every day. We seek candidates who are passionate about building a culture that encourages and embraces all perspectives. “We value and want to hear your ideas and learn more about the different perspectives and expertise you bring to the table,” explains Jamie Blockwood.
  7. Ask tough questions. The interview process is a two-way street. We want to learn more about you, and you should use this opportunity to learn more about us. If you decide to join our team, you’ll have a better understanding of the opportunity that lies ahead. Ask about our learning and development opportunities. Our Employee Community Networks (employee-led affinity groups). Our commitment to being good corporate citizens. This will give you a fuller picture of our culture and what drives us. “After connecting with the team, determine if you can see yourself progressing at ICF beyond the role at hand,” recommends Jamie Blockwood.

One final tip: Whether you’re ready to interview or still researching our company, make sure you complete your ICF profile. This will put your information at our recruiting team’s fingertips so they can connect you with your perfect role and share news and updates about ICF.

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