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Nate Thompson

Partner, Data Science
Nate is an expert in creating innovative data solutions with over 10 years of experience in analytics and advanced predictive modeling.
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Nate is an analytics and data solutions expert with more than a decade of experience in predictive modeling across the hospitality, retail, and travel industries. He believes in the power of discovery through data exploration and embodies this philosophy through traditional analytics and advanced predictive modeling solutions. Nate is a career problem solver with a passion for mastering technical solutions and a drive to continuously innovate to solve business challenges. He has a deep love for all things analytics and finding opportunities to meet client needs.

Nate focuses on creating innovative data solutions that provide value to his clients, and he works closely with teams to ensure the successful delivery of data-driven insights that help companies to grow and thrive. Whether developing complex predictive models or creating customized data visualizations, Nate is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work. 

Nate holds a master’s degree in predictive analytics from Northwestern University and an American Chemistry Society-certified bachelor of science degree from Northwest Missouri State University.

  • M.S., Predictive Analytics, Northwestern University
  • B.S., ACS Chemistry, Northwest Missouri State University