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Leah Sheveland

Partner, Healthcare
Healthcare Leader with over 15 years of management experience. Specialized in leading cross-functional teams in the areas of payer operations, Medicare Advantage, retail health expansion, and strategy definition.
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In over 15 years as a healthcare professional, Leah has specialized in modernizing the delivery of care through strategic initiatives, and disrupting old and outmoded ideas about care, in favor of new forms of innovation in the field. Leah has experience working with both industry leaders and large consulting firms. She has more than a decade’s worth of expertise in helping organizations to navigate the constantly evolving landscape of payer/provider relationships. She’s worked alongside both healthcare providers and consulting firms to expand offerings, and establish efficient and successful long-term operations strategies in the field. Leah has a wealth of experience in both offshoring arrangements and  overseas operations more broadly, as well as navigating and advising on large mergers in the healthcare space. She has collaborated with clients to improve the quality of care management and utilization management, and to coordinate the expansion of virtual care models.  Leah has a passion for shepherding retail health initiatives to market and for working with clients to optimize their care management strategies.
  • MBA, University of Minnesota