About ICF

Athena Ramsey

Senior Manager, Business Consulting
Athena is a project management leader with more than 10 years of experience providing strategic advisory services to organizations within the healthcare industry.

Athena has a decade of experience providing strategic advisory services to healthcare organizations. She manages multidisciplinary commercial-healthcare teams to implement and deploy new technology platforms.

Under Athena’s supervision, her teams execute strategy development within digital, data and analytics, strategy and operations, and product management business units. Over the past six years, Athena supported Blue Plans from digital front door experiences and utilized data as a strategic asset.

Athena’s background includes working the discovery and proof-of-concept frameworks for organizations to focus on value-driven initiatives. Athena helped establish, define, and implement organizations’ program strategies and enterprise designs to support their new business models. She also facilitated stakeholder interviews to analyze and document organizations’ purpose, mission, and value streams to establish product roadmaps and prioritize key business investments.