Malia Kim
Dissemination Project Manager

Malia is currently a dissemination project manager supporting dissemination, marketing, communications, and outreach for an ICF government project that works to build capacity and provide support for public child welfare agencies. Her path to project management encompasses diverse experiences, including professional technical, creative, research, and marketing writing projects in both the government contracting and private sectors as well as managing case files and dockets as a licensed attorney in a civil defense firm and as a clerk for a federal district judge.

Some of her areas of expertise include working with government agencies to develop dissemination, marketing, and social media plans; manage, organize, and build distribution lists; oversee message delivery and approval processes; and research and create new and innovative messaging formats and channels.

When Malia is not working, she enjoys playing the ukulele, jumping on her trampoline, eating good food with her husband, traveling abroad, and writing stories about lonely people.