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Kenley Branscome
Consultant, Early Childhood Systems
Kenley Branscome specializes in supporting state, federal, and national advocacy organizations in transforming early childhood data into insights that help parents, programs, and policymakers make better decisions for young children. He has directed studies in multiple states that include geospatial analyses of the supply and demand for child care services, assessments of child risk factors and the reach of programs that mitigate risk, studies of the cost of preschool and child care services, and analyses of child care market prices.  He has also led early childhood data integration initiatives and early childhood digital strategy development in multiple states. Kenley has worked in 15 states and has facilitated or presented in more than 70 national conference sessions and webinars. His most recent work includes an evaluation of the relationship between child care prices and women’s participation in the workforce for the U.S. Department of Labor, a national child care market analysis for the U.S. Coast Guard, and assessments of the gaps and inequities in the supply of early childhood services available to young children in Hawaii, Texas, and Washington.  


Insights by Kenley Branscome