About ICF

Kristi Boesen

Manager, Analytics
Kristi is a marketing analytics expert with more than 10 years of experience translating data stories for key stakeholders and executive decision-makers.
Kristi is an expert in digital marketing and analytics with more than a decade of experience in various roles across website analytics, digital media, and data management. She is passionate about quantification and helps clients in healthcare, automotive, financial services, and retail industries unlock insights to better understand and optimize audience and customer experience.

With a blend of analytical, technical, and communication skills, Kristi translates data stories for key stakeholders and executive decision-makers. She supports organizations through the implementation of digital analytics, insights, and enablement. She helps brands establish measurement strategies and tracking plans, conducts analyses, and delivers actionable insights to business stakeholders. Across her client engagements, Kristi also provides training and helps teams expand their digital analytics tools and datasets skill sets.

Kristi earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from Augustana College, expert business analytics certifications from Adobe and Google, and a SAFe 5 Practitioner certification from Scaled Agile, Inc.

  • B.A., Biology and Psychology, Augustana College
  • Certified SAFe 5 Practitioner, Scaled Agile, Inc.