Digital storytelling tool counters misconceptions about HIV

Unlocking the Power of Personal Storytelling


Educate people on the steps a person takes from diagnosis to treatment of HIV - a sensitive and often stigmatized topic.


Created a comprehensive digital tool that uses personal HIV experiences -rather than statistics and facts alone - to promote the importance of getting people with HIV into treatment.


Rapid social media circulation with nearly 2,000 Facebook likes, 300 retweets and over 369 Instagram likes one month after launch.

2016 Webby Finalist

in multiple categories

700 video views

within the first month

5 exclusive

personal stories

Out of the estimated 1.2 million HIV-infected individuals in the U.S., only about 40% actively receive care and just 30% achieve the ultimate goal of viral suppression. In partnership with (formerly, ICF designed and launched Positive Spin, a digital storytelling tool that features personal experiences of HIV-positive individuals that have successfully navigated the HIV care continuum. These stories help counter misconceptions and stigmas around HIV testing and treatment.

2016 Finalist in the Government and Civil Innovation category and received an honorable mention in the health category.

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