Changing your loyalty program? These 4 communication strategies can minimize member angst

Feb 27, 2019 3-4 MIN. READ

Don’t go breaking my program

As the loyalty landscape continues to mature, many brands have started assessing their program structure and making changes accordingly. For example, we recently worked with The Vitamin Shoppe to redesign the Healthy Awards program with a renewed focus on meaningful, human interactions. While change is not uncommon, your active members are likely to be the most sensitive and vocal. Before making any major decisions, it’s critical to take a hard look at your program from your customers’ point of view to understand their behavior—what elements they’ve grown to love and what they might be able to live without.

True loyalty is the outcome of a two-way relationship, and like any relationship, communication is key. During your communication planning process, account for these four straightforward (but fundamental) strategies to ensure a successful program transition:

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By Katie Berndt