Fleet electrification

In-depth infrastructure consulting and rapid response advising for utilities looking to help fleets make the leap into electrification.

Holistic electrification planning

Fleet electrification can be a delicate balance. By looking holistically at equipment, infrastructure needs and costs, and rate options, our experts help develop a comprehensive fleet electrification plan—an accurate picture of what the investment needed to electrify looks like. More than a report that gathers dust on a shelf, the action plan helps fleet owners understand the financial and emissions impacts, and the grants and incentive opportunities available to them as they engage in long-term procurement planning. We break down the grid impacts of fleet electrification and align a phased deployment approach to help fleets electrify. Our action plans help clients build internal education and awareness, coordinate with stakeholders, and understand industry best practices to ensure successful deployments.

Fleet analytics and advisory services tailored to clients’ needs

Our fleet electrification experts work with customers to evaluate existing vehicles and create a plan for electrifying their fleet over time as the right electric vehicles become available. Our experts can provide ongoing support to help keep electrification projects moving forward and utilities informed of progress. We implement electrification programs for major utilities and advise their customers across the country on electric vehicle fleets and holistic electrification deployment plans. No matter how large the electrification challenge seems, we have the right team to provide innovative solutions.
Two electric chargers

Electrification advisory services, emissions reductions, and total cost of ownership assessments

The upfront cost of procuring vehicles and installing charging stations can serve as a deterrent to fleets that would otherwise be interested in electrification. While complex, the process of fleet electrification doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Our team of vehicle electrification experts furnishes customers with site- and fleet-specific vehicle replacement recommendations. We also provide life cycle cost analysis and emissions reduction estimates so that clients can pinpoint which vehicles are the best candidates for electrification today, and how both the financial and emissions-reductions projections for electric vehicles might compare to those for internal combustion engine vehicles tomorrow.

Our services

Infrastructure and vehicle assessments

  • Customer and utility infrastructure needs
  • Vehicle total cost of ownership analysis

Fleet planning and analysis

  • Replacement recommendations aligned with customer procurement needs
  • Cost effectiveness, emissions reduction, and rate analysis
  • Technical support service to answer questions as they come up

Electrification planning

  • Available government and utility grants and incentives
  • Business case support
  • Internal education and awareness building
CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

Develop a line of sight toward your decarbonized future with CO₂Sight, the only analytics and action planning framework with ICF expertise built in.

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