Recovering From María: Puerto Rico Se Levanta

When Hurricane María made landfall in Puerto Rico, millions of our citizens lost everything, from their homes to basic necessities, like water, power, and fuel for their cars.

Throughout it all, the community united under a rallying phrase: Puerto Rico se levanta, or “Puerto Rico rises.” For ICF, this message hits home. Our teams are working closely with local leaders and communities to ensure that Puerto Rico has the necessary tools, resources, and teams.

The recovery efforts must do much more than simply rebuild. The recent financial crisis, coupled with years of underinvestment in infrastructure, have intensified the impact of the storm across multiple sectors: the entire electric grid, road and highway networks, the clean drinking water delivery system, overcrowded urban and rural housing areas, and more.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) enable governments and local jurisdictions to accelerate long-term disaster recovery, laying the foundation for infrastructural, social, and economically resilient communities within Puerto Rico. ICF has global experience establishing public-private and voluntary program partnerships, in-depth knowledge of disaster recovery programs and resilient infrastructure planning, and a successful track record leveraging disaster recovery funding streams on behalf of federal, state, and local government clients.

palm trees and rainbow in puerto rico

Recovery Resources

The following agencies and organizations provide accurate information about the developing situation on the ground — and how you can help.

Federal Emergency Management Agency: Hurricane Maria
Updated information on resources ranging from safety tips, distribution centers, cell phone data and methods to find loved ones.
English | Español

FEMA Fact Sheet: Resources to Help Hurricane Maria Survivors
Compiled list of local emergency organizations, agencies, and other resources that can help in a variety of ways.
English | Español

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Series of resources on how citizens and responders can stay safe after the storm.
English | Español

Red Cross: Hurricane Maria Relief Information
Detailed information on the multi-island effort the Red Cross is undertaking in the wake of the storm and donation portal for disaster relief contributions.

Official Puerto Rican Government Statistics
The official site for information on the status of recovery for by the Government of Puerto Rico.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Exchange
The HUD Exchange provides disaster and emergency toolkits and resource page for housing counselors.