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Government agencies face high expectations for access and usability of online services. Delivering excellent, customer-centric IT to support programs in the digital federal environment is not business as usual—it’s requiring new ways to work.

ICF developed the VOLTE approach in response to the need for a replicable method that generates effective, user-centered solutions to complex problems. VOLTE raises the bar beyond outputs that that merely function and get launched on time, and enables teams to produce services and products that solve real problems and get used by their intended audiences. The result? Increased speed, cost-effective use of time and expertise, and high-quality outcomes.

VOLTE marries client needs and user needs at every step. Through carefully choreographed working sessions with in-person and remote participants, the VOLTE approach energizes teams around users. The practice makes use of Lean Startup and Agile methods and integrates smoothly into clients’ development processes.

The VOLTE framework can be tailored to your needs, depending on the nature and duration of the undertaking. Formats include:

  • VOLTE Project–covers you from start to finish
  • Lean Volte–2-16 weeks to solve focused problems
  • Mini-Volte Innovation Session–half day-2 days to spark thinking
  • Hack Day–1 day for instant results

Learn more about the Lean Volte Approach