ICF Digital transformation framework infographic

Craft digital experiences that win citizen trust, empower stakeholders, and achieve mission outcomes.

With the ICF Transformation Framework, federal clients benefit from a 360-degree approach that accounts for the convergence of marketing, technology, and research and that helps stakeholders understand the impact of digital transformation efforts.

Transformation Framework Solutions

Convert Data Into Insights

We work with clients to help them leverage and present data in new and different ways to gain better insight into their business—its trends, markets, audiences, etc. Our services range from data janitorial work (or data clean up) to data artistry (visualization) to geospatial and statistical analysis to social listening.

Connect With Your Audience

Where the data ends, engagement is where the new customer journey begins. We have a full service agency focused on delivering the governments messages to its constituents at the right time and in the right way.

Compel Action

Design, build, manage, promote, and measure exceptional and impactful customer experiences.

Amplify Efficiency

Modernize systems to support efficient business processes, reduce O&M costs, and meet the digital needs of citizens.

Forge innovative leadership

We years of hands-on experience helping to implement and manage change when anything less than success is not an option. They know that when it comes to managing change, proper design and development are not enough.

Validate mission outcomes

Defining success/mission goal and then evaluate. We bake evaluation into every step and every activity. It is the one way that we can tie tweets, clicks, and sign ups to a real difference.

Great Moments Can Make All the Difference in Digital Transformation.


ICF Senior Vice Presidents Kris Tremaine and Andrew LaVanway discuss large-scale transformation.

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