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K Mantouvalou

Dr. Katerina Mantouvalou

Managing Consultant

Katerina Mantouvalou specialises in gender equality and human rights and has led several comparative studies, impact assessments, and evaluations conducted on behalf of the European Commission (EC) and its agencies, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the World Bank (WB), and the United Nations (UN).

Dr. Mantouvalou has used qualitative, quantitative, and participatory methods to identify cases of discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation, and disability in various policy areas. She has also evaluated the effectiveness of policies and programmes to eliminate discrimination and developed recommendations for the fair treatment of vulnerable groups in the European Union (EU). She has published academic articles and policy reports on gender equality, immigration, and minority rights and has given numerous conference presentations in the United Kingdom, United States, and continental Europe.

Dr. Mantouvalou has a Ph.D. in Political Science from University College London.

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