Litstream computer screen-grab of data

Streamline your literature screenings

Categorize literature based on keywords you choose and decide how to screen—by a single individual, an individual with QA by another, or two individuals with resolution by a third.

Manage your team more effectively

Assign screening, extraction, or quality reviews across your team. litstream sends automated assignments and allows you to monitor progress to ensure that your team is getting the job done.

Litstream - getting the information you need using flexible forms snapshot of computer

Get the information you need using flexible forms

Set up forms that reflect your preferences for data extraction and quality reviews. Choose and order your data fields, then specify how they’re related. Fields can be text, numeric, or drop-down menus.

Litstream "conclude with confidence" graph screenshot of computer

Conclude with confidence

Organize and document the systematic review process from start to finish. litstream helps you coordinate evaluation efforts and record decisions along the way—so that you can feel confident in your conclusions.

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