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Chip McConnaha
Dr. Chip McConnaha
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ICF and our partner Penman Consulting have developed REACH-CAT Reports, a tool designed to help your business understand the work and costs associated with REACH registrations.

REACH-CAT Reports builds on the knowledge and experience gained by the professionals at Penman Consulting and ICF in successfully preparing the registration materials for hundreds of substances during the 2010 registration process for REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), the European Commission's regulation for approximately 30,000 chemicals.

ICF and Penman Consulting provided award-winning program management, science, legal, and logistical support to several major consortia throughout the 2010 REACH Registration process. We were directly involved in dossier production for more than 30 percent of the substances registered in 2010.

For each substance your business might register, our experts can:

  • Summarize the actions your company would take for successful registration
  • Assess how your business can fill data gaps to meet extensive REACH requirements
  • Provide indicative costs

The REACH-CAT Report will help you to make sound business decisions about which substances to register and your registration strategy.