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Solutions and Applications

DoCTER—A Standalone Software Application

ICF’s DoCTER is a standalone software application that helps prioritize documents—such as abstracts from the scientific literature—for expert review. Using advanced algorithms from the domains of natural language processing and machine learning, DoCTER greatly improves efficiency in tasks that involve large volumes of text.

ICF’s DoCTER can help you:

  • Screen literature as part of risk assessments
  • Classify and cluster all types of documents
  • Apply keyword-based filters over large text corpuses
  • Achieve desired levels of precision and recall
  • Minimize manual effort 

ICF developed the DoCTER tool as a flexible text analytics resource that has already found wide application within the fields of risk assessment and social media analysis. ICF has also developed algorithms that work both upstream and downstream of DoCTER, including text extraction from PDFs, associative text mining, and automated synonym detection.

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