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Embedding Patient Outcomes in Dudley Vanguard's MCP Contract

Sep 20, 2016

NHS England's Vanguard programme aims to transform the way health and care services are delivered. Dudley's Multi-speciality Community Provider (MCP) Vanguard, led by Dudley CCG, wished to include Patient Reported Outcome and Experience Measures (PROMS/PREMS) in their MCP contract with health and social care providers. As part of our work with the Strategy Unit to support the MCP, the CCG commissioned ICF to review and make recommendations for suitable tools that would capture measures.

ICF's work included a literature review to define the person centred outcomes and experiences that are most relevant to service users and the public, and mapping the review of tools against these. ICF reviewed approximately 150 tools in-depth, and recommended eight outcome measures for patients, five experience measures for patients and a further three carer specific measures.