MEASURE Evaluation

ICF is taking the lead on malaria and other infectious disease and works primarily in Kenya, Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Southeast Asia. This work is performed as a subcontractor to the University of North Carolina, Carolina Population Center, under Phase III of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Global Health Bureau's primary vehicle for supporting improvements in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in population, health, and nutrition worldwide. ICF helps to identify data needs, collect and analyze technically sound data, and use that data for health decision making.

ICF has worked with MEASURE Evaluation since 1998, designing and implementing a wide range of evaluation studies of different complexities, from rapid assessments to multiyear, multicountry studies. In support of U.S. federal programs such as the Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI) and the Emerging Pandemic Threats Initiative, ICF has led the development of M&E guidance and standards in program areas such as malaria and avian influenza and contributed to the development of the same for HIV/AIDS. ICF has supported USAID missions and national health systems in the monitoring and evaluation of activities across the range of health interventions.

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By Dr. Ani Hyslop