Tanzania Integrated Resources and Resiliency Planning (IRRP) Program

ICF is partnering with USAID/Tanzania to strengthen the ability of the local power sector to develop energy efficiency and power supply resources, transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure, and demand forecasts. The objectives of the program are:

  1. Build capacity among the key Tanzania stakeholders--including the Government of Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM), Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO), Zanzibar Electric Company (ZECO), the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), and the Green Building Council (GBC)--through training, tools, and plans to facilitate improved load forecasting, generation planning, and demand reduction.
  2. Use appropriate tools, methods, training, and capacity building for Tanzania stakeholders to develop a process for power planning that incorporates risk factors through resilience analysis.
  3. Coordinate with Tanzania stakeholders to develop short, medium, and long‐term implementation plans reflecting the results of the IRRP process and including recommendations on needed regulatory and policy reforms, improved procurement and planning framework, risk management plans, and government coordination plans.
  4. Build capacity among TANESCO and local organizations, including the Tanzania Green Building Council and Ardhi University, in demand‐side management and sustainable practices.

Work Stream 1 includes eight Tasks:

  • Task 1: Inception Phase
  • Task 2: Load Forecasting and Demand Side Management (DSM) Review
  • Task 3: Generation Assessment and Inventory Development
  • Task 4: Transmission System Analysis
  • Task 5: Distribution Reliability Assessment
  • Task 6: Model Selection and Implementation
  • Task 7: Resiliency Analysis
  • Task 8: Power Sector Master Plan Development

Work Stream II improves the long‐term sustainability and technical capacity of three key organizations by providing consulting expertise on green buildings to Tanzania Green Building Council, TANESCO, and Ardhi University.

Work Stream II has three tasks:

  • Task 1: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to Tanzania Green Building Council
  • Task 2: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to TANESCO
  • Task 3: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to Ardhi University
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