Central Asia Energy Efficiency Support Program (CAEESP)

ICF implemented the Central Asian Energy Efficiency Support Program (CAEESP) as an Associate Award with USAID/Central Asia Region mission to assist Kazakhstan in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity and emissions by stimulating investments in energy efficiency technologies and projects. Kazakhstan ranks high among the world’s top GHG emitters, with highly carbon intensive power and industrial sectors. Its industrial sector, comprising over 2,000 registered entities, consumes more than 70 percent of the country’s electricity. The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies (MINT) revised and led the passage of Kazakhstan’s Law on Energy Savings and Increasing of Energy Efficiency (LES) in January 2012, laying out major policy measures to reduce energy use in Kazakhstan, focusing on energy efficiency at major industrial sites.

From 2011-2013, CAEESP sought to lower barriers and improve the enabling environment for energy efficiency in Central Asia, particularly Kazakhstan. CAEESP supported rollout of the LES by building capacity within the Government of Kazakhstan and supporting regulated industries through education and compliance tools. CAEESP’s assistance activities included policy analysis, awareness raising, developing international energy management best practices, and regional information dissemination.

Construction man working on electric wires