Case Studies

AIDSinfo Drug Database App

Sep 22, 2015

At ICF, advising clients with trusted, research-based information is just a start. We go further by executing ambitious technology rollouts and IT solutions that help our clients better serve their customers, communities, and the world.

This ICF case study illustrates how we worked with the United States National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health (NIH) to put the most up-to-date HIV drug information into a format that could be readily and easily accessed to become the most comprehensive HIV-drug mobile app database.

The app provides access to information on more than 100 HIV drugs in both English and Spanish and offers many features that make it highly useful for both healthcare professionals and public consumers. More than just another informational tool, the AIDSinfo drug database app empowers users and gives them the ability to personalize their information and take control of their health care.

By Kenley Branscome