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Case Studies

Plotting a Course to Customer Satisfaction

ICF's approach to customer satisfaction involves finding ways to immerse yourself in the customer experience.

Sep 2, 2016

To improve customer experience, we believe in walking in the customer’s shoes. That’s our strategy for helping a multistate insurance carrier deliver a better customer experience to its members.

But to achieve this, we had to build employee empathy, solve problems from the customer perspective, and gain a better understanding of each member’s healthcare decision process.

Our team took a closer look at the health insurance application process, as well as analyzed how customers joined the health plan and used their benefits.

To better understand the member’s journey, we created an illustrative map and developed personas to better enable client staff to walk in their customer’s shoes.

Health plan and consultant teams further identified pain points, points of delight, and moments of truth tested by direct consumer-facing research. Armed with the journey map and research findings, we facilitated the development of nearly 30 action plans the client will use to make operational improvements to increase customer satisfaction.

Our work culminated with a traveling interactive exhibit that immersed our client’s employees nationwide in the daily lives and healthcare experiences of their customers. The exhibit’s “augmented reality” technology allows continued access to resources that support the client’s upcoming programs for delivering better service experiences.