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Health Survey Research

ICF helps clients drive improved health outcomes with survey research solutions that keep programs on track, scientifically and financially.

ICF helps clients find answers to their most challenging research questions. We apply tested methodologies and industry best practices for results that are accurate, timely, and reliable. After establishing your scope, purpose, and setting, ICF’s health experts and research team can design an evaluation grounded in sound data collection and analysis.

Whether your project’s success requires 100 face-to-face interviews or 500,000 web responses, ICF has tackled health survey and research projects large and small. We know how to pick the approach and resources that will produce the highest quality, most cost-effective results and specialize in sensitive topics, hard-to-reach populations, and security compliance.

Our long history of on-time, on-budget, research and evaluation projects covers a broad range of quantitative and qualitative health-related topics, including global demographics, disease surveillance, and behavior tracking. We help our health-focused clients identify the programs that will make the biggest difference and yield the best return on investment.

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