Governments, agencies and businesses can all benefit from the power of mutual learning – whether it is between countries, regions and or just between towns. Through facilitated activities, tools and techniques, mutual learning provides the optimal conditions for common stakeholders to share knowledge and good practices on a peer-to-peer basis, and generate positive change through improved decision-making, service delivery or enhanced outcomes for clients, users and citizens.

The best mutual learning sessions are flexible and tailored to the learning outcomes and knowledge-transfer objectives of the organisations and stakeholders involved. By integrating multi-disciplinary and multi-national expertise in the subject matter, a solid pedagogy founded on organisational learning and change, and the latest in communications and data analytics techniques, ICF has demonstrated its ability to deliver mutual learning programs that have had a positive impact on organisational policy and decision-making, organisational performance, as well as on-the-ground service delivery and results.

In a world that is fast-changing and uncertain, organisations cannot survive alone. They have come to rely on ICF to design and deliver facilitated mutual learning to open the door to a wider pool of experience and knowledge, and thereby find effective solutions to complex problems. In the European public policy context, the spirit of cooperation has never been more important and mutual learning provides an avenue for European countries to work together across many policy domains. ICF’s approach to mutual learning also reaches beyond Europe, with the potential to help countries across the globe to collaborate, transfer knowledge and good practice for shared benefit.

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How European countries are using mutual learning to improve policy decisions

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Client Story

European Public Employment Services (PES)

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How networks enable the EU to focus on outcomes

Networks are vital to successful international and transnational cooperation for an entity as complex as the EU.

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