More middle schoolers are smoking—what can we do?

More middle schoolers are smoking—what can we do?
Jun 7, 2024

10% of high school students and 5% of middle school students used e-cigarettes in 2023. Here’s why it matters for their long-term health.

E-cigarettes are their preferred product: Approximately half said that once they tried an e-cigarette, they stuck with it. And with nicotine dependence beginning in young people after just 1-3 days of usage per month, e-cigarette popularity is a serious public health threat, especially for younger children.

To help, we're proud to have partnered with to create several tools that make quitting easier, including SmokefreeTXT and both’s Quit Plan and Vaping Reality Check.

Join us at their webinar on June 11 to hear more about how the campaign has affected tobacco use among young people and how you can get, or stay, involved.