Skift Loyalty Summit video: Leveraging customer data and traveler insights to drive COVID-19 recovery

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Jul 28, 2020

COVID-19 is hitting the travel industry hard. Travel businesses are cutting back inventory and marketing, and travelers are putting trips on hold as they wait to see how uncertain employment and an evolving outbreak will impact their travel plans. But even at this dire moment, there is cause for hope. That’s because many travel brands are turning to their loyalty programs to help them navigate their recovery strategy.

In this video from Skift’s 2020 Loyalty Summit, Guy Cierzan, managing partner, loyalty, for ICF Next, and Eliot Hamlisch, executive vice president, loyalty and revenue optimization at Wyndham, discuss the current COVID-19 recovery outlook and provide insight into how travel organizations can use loyalty to kickstart their recovery plans.

“With Covid-19...the ability to hyper-personalize to traveler concerns and traveler interests in the future is going to be paramount,” says ICF Next's Cierzan.


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