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Welcome to the Spark, the ICF Blog

Welcome to the Spark, the ICF Blog
Jul 24, 2017

ICF recently launched a new blog, The Spark, where we’ll feature thought leadership and insights from our community of experts. We're glad you're here.

You might have noticed that the ICF site looks a little different these days.

Over the past few months, we’ve been making some changes to the way we share insights about the industries that matter to us — and to you. We wanted to create a distinct space on the ICF site where readers could expect more in the way of feature articles, trend forecasting, commentary, and more. Whether you’re managing digital transformation, paving the way for better cybersecurity protocols, or conducting survey research to improve health outcomes, we’ll seek to address the issues that impact your world.

The content itself is just one piece of the puzzle. We’ve made some navigational changes to the site, too. In the past, our original white papers, presentations, and articles were available via the Perspectives database. If you’re seeking those materials, fear not: you can now find them in our brand new Resources section. Our updated layout, filter categories, and search function are designed to make these things more accessible than they were before.

If you recognize our name, you might have seen it before on the ICF Medium page. Fans of the stories we’ve published there will be happy to learn that we still plan to share select long-form feature articles there. Everything we produce, though — from stories to spotlights to visual content — will publish here first.

Why Spark?

We’re named for the ICF logo, which represents the diversity of our partners, team, and community. The big things we achieve together — from data security to community development to customer experience — become possible when we share ideas, so we encourage you to reach out with yours.

All that said, we’re a work in progress, and we’d love to get your feedback as we ramp up. Do you like what you’re reading? Have we missed an important point or a story worth telling? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also reach us via email at

So grab a coffee and stay in touch. We’ll look forward to seeing you around.