Piyush Bansal becomes an ISTAT certified appraiser

Piyush Bansal becomes an ISTAT certified appraiser
Aug 24, 2020
His certification places ICF as one of the world’s largest teams of ISTAT appraisers

Not many companies have International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Certified Appraisers among them. In fact, there are only about 80 members in the world—five of whom are ICF employees. 

To gain this status, you need a minimum of five years aviation experience (two of which must be full-time in the appraisal practice). And you must pass four exams that cover technical, financial, and ethical knowledge.

Senior Aviation Manager Piyush Bansal recently joined these ranks, making ICF one of the largest contingents of ISTAT-certified appraisers at any one firm, worldwide. He focuses primarily on asset valuation and financial advisory for aviation investors.

Expanding ICF’s aviation expertise


Piyush has expertise in aircraft, engines, spare parts, ground handling equipment, and tools for debt and equity investors. He’s also one of our expert users of Networks, ICF’s proprietary network modeling and forecasting tool. While Piyush has supported—and led—valuation advisory for nearly a decade, his background as an airline planner provides him, and our clients, with a deep understanding of the business. “I’m delighted to earn this certification from ISTAT, the industry-recognized standard for commercial aviation asset appraisals,” he says. “It strengthens our commitment and passion to the industry, which our clients have come to expect.”

ICF's appraisers annually value more than $50 billion of airline asset and investments on behalf of airlines, lessors, investors and their advisors, creditors, and others.

Piyush is in good company with these notable ICF employees:

  • Stuart Rubin, who leads ICF Aviation’s Aircraft sector and specializes in asset valuation, aircraft market research, asset management, and lease analysis.
  • Ben Chapman, who is known for his expertise in aircraft appraisal, cash flow modeling, and market analysis.
  • Angus Mackay, who specializes in aviation sector asset appraisal and aircraft asset management, including market analysis and transaction support, aircraft remarketing, and sourcing.
  • Kara Levine, who has over 10 years’ experience in asset valuation, lease analysis, and financial modeling with respect to commercial aircraft, engines, and spare parts.

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