Fostering employee-led sustainability initiatives

Fostering employee-led sustainability initiatives
Apr 22, 2024

Passionate about the environment, our global Green Team champions sustainable, earth-friendly practices to make the world a better place

As a leader in climate change consulting, we made our commitment to environmental responsibility many years ago. We became carbon neutral in 2006 and have been each year since–due to investments in high-quality, verified carbon offsets. We’re committed to further reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by setting ambitious long-term, science-based GHG reduction targets. We’re helping clients ensure a fair and equitable transition to a low-carbon economy. We’re partnering with the communities where we work and live to promote sustainable practices. And so much more.

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But these commitments go beyond our corporate actions, with many efforts led by our employees. Like our all-volunteer Green Team. Currently chaired by Jonathan Arentsen, an energy analyst, and co-chaired by Radhika Tekumalla, a health informatics director of program management, the Green Team is a group of like-minded individuals who host campaigns to help reduce our carbon emissions and expand employee education and engagement around environmental issues.

“We have an obligation to the future generation to ensure they have the same if not better quality of life.”

Jonathan Arentsen
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Together, Jonathan and Radhika lead nearly 500 employees in creating and implementing personal and professional sustainability initiatives. They organize earth-friendly activities—from sharing sustainable recipes to shopping locally to helping employees advocate for greener initiatives in their communities. They recently launched Sustainability Spotlights, elevating employee stories of sustainability, both at home and professionally, to inspire others to become better stewards of the planet. Another 2024 initiative is Green Connects, quarterly pods to organize employees to take environmental action, such as composting, and discuss pressing issues, such as emission cap policies.

“The Earth doesn’t belong to us; we belong to it.”

Radhika Tekumalla

In addition, they’re giving our employees a voice in our corporate strategy. With a seat at the table, they’re joining our Corporate Responsibility Advisory Committee to help us conserve resources and work in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Committed to delivering impactful solutions for clients

And it doesn’t end there. They're equally committed to helping clients overcome critical challenges to improve their mission outcomes.

Jonathan supports our beneficial electrification efforts, helping cities, utilities, universities, businesses, nonprofits, and more understand the benefits of switching from fossil fuels to electricity. He also supports CO2Sight, our proprietary strategic planning tool for helping clients explore pathways to decarbonization to achieve their climate and clean energy goals. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys communing with nature and has visited 20 of the U.S. National Parks to date.

With a background in electrical engineering and computer science and over 17 years of experience in health informatics, Radhika and her team are responsible for building the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid’s This site brought data about safety and quality of care in nursing homes into a digital world, creating more health data transparency and accessibility for over 20,000 healthcare analysts, policy analysts, and researchers daily. Prior to working for ICF, she owned her own tech start-up and today spends her free time coaching kids to build code and create products.

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