Empowering pride in one local community

Empowering pride in one local community
Jun 1, 2024

Our support for the LGBTQ Center of Durham helps create a safe space for all people to embrace and celebrate their lived experiences

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Fostering inclusive environments is one of our core values, and that extends beyond the workplace into the communities where we work and live. One example of how we’re serving our communities is our support for the LGBTQ Center of Durham. Founded in 2015, the center creates a safe community space that provides essential services, programming, and resources to affirm, support, and celebrate the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Our support for the center began in 2022, when a group of dedicated ICFers in our Durham, North Carolina, office—Karen Davis Platt, Michele Justice, Almeta West, and a few others—saw a need and opportunity to give back. They started by distributing center fliers to local businesses to solicit donors to support essential services that had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due in part to their efforts, local businesses began advertising the center’s services, raising awareness of community needs which helped increase contributions to the center.

“The LGBTQ Center of Durham is committed to centering the experiences of those who are the most marginalized among us. And though our vision is to support our LGBTQIA+ members, we make room for all people through our resources and services.”

Natalie Watson
LGBTQ Center of Durham executive director

Creating a community hub

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ICF staff helping with 2022 center move

The LGBTQ Center of Durham provides a wealth of resources to community members, from support groups to legal support to domestic violence prevention services, as well as access to food, personal items, and much more.

To expand the availability of these resources to community members, as well as accommodate individuals with diverse abilities, the center decided to relocate in 2022 into a more accessible facility located within a more inclusive, affirming community. But one of their biggest challenges was finding people to help organize, pack, and physically move the office. Our people once again saw a need, and Michele Justice, Joanne Trgovcich, Lisa Prince, Alex Taylor, Andrea Williamson-Floyd, and Krista Wilson stepped up to the plate. They unpacked and sorted t-shirts, decorated the new headquarters with photos from past Pride events, moved furniture, and organized storerooms. Helping facilitate a smooth transition to allow the center to continue its critical work without interruption.

Celebrating differences

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Almeta West assisting with the center’s Pride event

The annual Pride Parade in Durham is a vibrant celebration of LGBTQIA+ identity, resilience, and unity. Last year, our employees joined center staff in registering participants until the parade was canceled due to Tropical Storm Ophelia. This year, Almeta West is back to support parade planning. She also routinely donates clothing, food and other essential items to stock the center’s pantry.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact on many people right here in Durham, but especially members of our LGBTQIA+ community. I feel a sense of pride in being able to support this valuable resource to help the people of Durham grow, thrive, and celebrate the differences of all people.”

Almeta West
senior communications specialist

The LGBTQ Center of Durham stands as a testament to collective action, compassion, and belonging. We’re proud of our longstanding support for this valuable community resource. And of our people for their commitment to making the world a better place by making sure every person feels seen, heard, and valued.

Learn more about the LGBTQ Center of Durham and their life-changing work.

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