ICF's Kata Cserep makes airlines economics' 40 under 40 list

ICF's Kata Cserep makes airlines economics' 40 under 40 list
Nov 21, 2019

Meet ICF economist Kata Cserep, who made this year's Airline Economics 40 under 40 list

Congrats to ICF economist Kata Cserep for making this year’s Airline Economics 40 Under 40 list! This annual compilation recognizes the most outstanding young leaders in the commercial aviation industry.

Kata leads ICF’s global aviation business. Her team works across the aviation value chain to help clients navigate the complexities and uncertainties of the changing aviation industry. Like airline network planning and scheduling, revenue management, and aircraft appraisal—which makes use of ICF’s powerful proprietary tools such as Truebook™.

Our aviation client list includes some of the world’s largest and most dynamic airports and airlines, including Atlanta and Singapore Changi, Virgin Atlantic, Thai, and Copa.

Says Nick Dunn, CFO of Gatwick Airport, “We’ve relied upon Kata and her ICF team for over a decade! The duration of this relationship is testament to the quality of her support and advice.”

An industry that's ever-changing

She’s well-known for leading some of the most important forward-looking conversations in the aviation industry today—such as how airports can capitalize on the low-cost carrier revolution, and how the industry can simultaneously grow and achieve sustainability goals. Including a discussion on “eco-taxes” to combat “flygskam” (“flight shame” in Swedish).

“I’m excited by the challenge changes in our climate and sustainability pose for the global aviation sector,” Kata admits. It’s a complex topic, but one that combines the passion of ICF’s collective team of experts in climate, biofuels, technology, aviation, energy, communications, economics, and policy. Specifically, in helping policymakers think through “the art of the possible”—impacts of various policy options and the industry’s ability to adapt.

“Never lose sight of the bigger picture: what needs to be achieved and why. That context makes the work even more interesting, and it’s invaluable to the client.” – Kata Cserep
A team that, in part, has literally written the guidebook on integrating climate change-related risks into airport management systems and planning.

A career that soars

Kata joined ICF in 2005, and her role has grown every year since.

“Kata sets a great example,” said Gene Costa, who leads ICF’s Europe and Asia business. “Again and again, she demonstrates strong leadership, practicality, and analytical mindset. Under her leadership, our aviation team constantly innovates, collaborates, and grows.”

Kata credits her career growth—and her aviation team’s—to ICF’s entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. And she encourages other colleagues to vocalize new ideas and volunteer for new roles, “as my mentors and managers have done for me.”

It’s always rewarding to apply critical thinking to client challenges—then watch the impact and positive feedback. As for her recent recognition, “it’s nice to see our work get recognized, not just within ICF, but in the industry at large.”

“I’m excited to see what next year, and the years beyond, will bring,” says Kata. So are we.

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