About ICF

Kacper Wozniak

Senior Strategic Advisor

Kacper is a digital marketing and brand strategy expert with over 15 years of experience leading communication agencies in Belgium.

Kacper is a brand strategist who has worked on projects for the European Commission and was responsible for the communication strategy of the European Climate Pact.

Kacper’s primary focus is to understand audience mindset and behavior. He looks beyond the data to the motivations that drive people and finds the immediate insight for the communication strategy that informs people and incites them to act.

Kacper’s thorough knowledge and European insights have helped him while working on diverse Polish, Belgian (Benelux), and European projects.

Immersed in creative culture his entire professional life, Kacper understands the value of powerful ideas in our fast-changing environment and looks for communication strategies that inspire better creative work. He was awarded both gold and silver Effies—the awards for marketing effectiveness—for his strong strategic thinking and delivering tangible results.