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Nigel Womersley De Zaldua
Principal, Aviation

Nigel Womersley De Zaldua offers experience in strategic and financial planning, transformation, customer engagement, digital solutions, analysis, business improvement, and innovation for airports.

He has been involved in strategy development for 17 years and has focused exclusively on airports for the last nine years providing corporate development and business planning from both a management and financial perspective. Nigel has developed strategies and strategic management plans from first principles, through the understanding of key business drivers, to their successful implementation and benefit realization. He has also taken a leadership role in directing major change management programs such as restructuring and process improvement.

Nigel advises airports on strategy, business planning, improving customer service, process improvement, and technology . These projects have resulted in ongoing infrastructure and development opportunities.

Prior to ICF, Nigel’s experience includes acting as a director at a consultancy providing aviation and information technology strategy advice. He also brings experience as Head of Corporate Planning, Risk, and Performance at Abu Dhabi Airports Company, a UAE-based airports group managing five airports.

Nigel holds a BA and Graduate Diploma in Architecture from Oxford Brookes University.

Insights by Nigel Womersley De Zaldua