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Dr. Michael Whitaker
Senior Vice President, Emerging Solutions
Michael Whitaker is Senior Vice President of Emerging Solutions for ICF. He specializes in advancing organizational approaches to innovation and emerging solution development for both the public and private sectors. His particular focus is on building sustainable cultures of innovation that effectively balance the tensions between execution and innovation in non-product organizations and in developing strategies for making innovation relevant to the everyday jobs of employees. As part of this work, he has been leading discussions on how to move beyond innovation labs to more complete innovation systems that are better integrated into the performance engine of an organization.  Dr. Whitaker has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Design) from the University of Colorado–Denver and an M.S. and a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.  He was co-founder of Symbiotic Engineering and is also a member of the ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation who regularly publishes thought leadership and speaks on topics related to pragmatically advancing innovation and analytics initiatives.  In 2017, Dr. Whitaker was recognized by his peers as a FCW Rising Star and ACT-IAC Rookie of the Year for his work in advancing organizational innovation. 

Insights by Dr. Michael Whitaker