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Shu Wang
Lead Managing Consultant

Before joining ICF, Shu Wang has worked for the Climate Change Department of National Development and Reform Commission for 10 years and afterwards worked in ICIS, a private market analysis company, for one year.

With his experience both in public and private sector, Shu is one of China’s leading specialists in design and policy-making on carbon market and low carbon development, focusing on design and construction work of the national and pilot carbon market.

His experience encompasses;

  • Measuring and reporting of industrial GHG emission
  • Monitoring, reporting, verification (MRV) guidelines of GHG emission
  • GHG emission benchmarking method of key industries
  • GHG inventory at national, provincial and municipal level
  • Carbon emission verification of enterprises and registration of CDM projects
  • Legislation and allowance allocation
  • Registry and off-setting, as well as market data analysis

Shu is experienced in knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer and training, as well as international project management in terms of organising and managing a wide range of project activities, like;

  • The Second Climate Communication Project
  • EU-China ETS Project State I
  • PMR Project of World Bank
  • China-Norway ETS Project
  • UNDP Low Carbon City Project.

In 2015, he was awarded by the secretariat of World Economy Forum as one of the Young Global Leaders.